Flood Relief

As the flood waters began to recede, the IKF sprung into action to provide immediate support to the flood affectees. This relief came in the form of approximately 200 trucks (worth over Rs. 18 million) of essential life saving supplies including medicine, food, tents, blankets, water and winterized clothing. Approximately 25 Relief camps were set up all over the country by IKF volunteers. Imran Khan also personally inaugurated a temporary hospital for the flood affected at Jamshoro.

Given that the IKF was in its infancy and as yet didn’t have a formal team, it relied on a participatory approach for the distribution of relief goods throughout Pakistan. This was made possible by the groundswell of support from the diverse group of volunteers that assembled in each province to do their part for their brethren. From students to PTI volunteers, from the corporate sector to civil society, people from all walks of life took part in bringing the relief to the flood affectees. Also worthy of special mention, the Pakistan Air Force facilitated the distribution of IKF relief by allowing goods to be transported all over Pakistan on C-130 transport planes.

With over 80% of the flood affected districts covered by the IKF effort, the impact of the program was felt nation-wide. As mentioned earlier, not only did the IKF provide relief but it also set up temporary shelters for those who could not return home due to standing flood water. Northern Sindh and Southern Punjab, regions where the flood damage was most extensive, were given special attention. In 9 districts of Sindh, 11 relief camps were set up that supported, at their peak, over 1000 families. In Southern Punjab, 9 relief camps were set up in Rahimyar Khan, Rajanpur and Muzzaffargarh districts to support a total of 400 families. In Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa the IKF chose to collaborate with other organizations for the set up and distribution of relief goods.

At the outset of the post-flood relief campaign, Imran Khan acknowledged that the scope of the flood’s devastation was so unprecedented that nothing short of a collaborative effort would even come close to succeeding. It was in this spirit that the IKF worked diligently to maximize efficiency of relief distribution through partnership. Needless to say, this work could not have been done without the support of our volunteer force or the numerous partner organizations, whose overwhelming enthusiasm for the cause enabled the IKF to create the much needed momentum required to positively impact the conditions of the flood devastated poor of Pakistan. Special recognition should be given to the Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Trust (MKRF, our principle partner), the Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), Pakistan Air Force (PAF), Naimat Saleem Trust (NST) and Serendip Productions for their participation in the Pukaar Campaign.

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