One of the central themes of the IKF’s mission is to advocate on behalf of communities in distress, particularly in the aftermath of a disaster. For its part, the IKF has pursued a three-pronged approach; one of advocacy, capacity building and service delivery. Insofar as advocacy was concerned, Imran Khan played a leadership role and became one of the most effective voices of Pakistan’s flood ravaged citizenry. More specifically, he maintained a tight focus on principled advocacy for the country’s flood affectees.

We, at the IKF believe that Advocacy provides a medium for seeking change in governance, attitudes, social norms and institutional function. It is a deliberate effort, based on demonstrable evidence that can directly influence the role of the public, private and civil society.

Following the 2010 floods, the scale of the challenges presented to those organizations providing humanitarian assistance in the adversely hit areas necessitated the need to be able to provide support to the needy in a rapidly evolving environment. Unfortunately, in the post disaster scenario, very often a sense of urgency leads to a reactive and haphazard approach that fails to address the problem environment in an optimal manner. This is primarily because there is no organizational clarity and minimal collaboration between the entities providing humanitarian assistance.

The IKF believes that while such disasters are painful to those who have been ravaged by them, they present strategic opportunities for promoting the cause of poor and underserved communities. The IKF looks beyond the emergency relief phase of operations and strives to build partnerships with a range of local, national and international institutions to ensure a positive and longer term impact on the lives of the underprivileged. One of the primary focus areas the IKF builds relationships in is the corporate sector. We strive to provide a credible platform for translating the emerging corporate social responsibility into deliverables for the rural poor and to get them access to the basic services they require.

Gandhi has said, “Poverty is the worst form of violence.” We, at the IKF agree. Poverty alleviation remains one of our core concerns. As such, the IKF plays a convening role for building a national consensus around the equity approach and provision of basic services to all the citizens, again with a focus on those enduring the malice of grinding poverty.

Like our organization, our website is also undergoing a constant transformation and it can be expected that there will be more specific information available relating to the scope of the IKF’s Advocacy focus areas in the near future.

Capacity Building

The IKF aspires to remain effective and relevant in the delivery of basic services. To this end, Capacity Building is taken very seriously at the IKF and forms an integral part of our strategy for project implementation and service delivery.

In the area of capacity building, the IKF, to a large extent, relies on mustering the support of the people whose lives the IKF wants to improve. The priority need is to build linkages with community based organizations, eminent community leaders so that an effective social mobilization can be undertaken. The IKF fulfils this fundamental need by working with groups that are already doing humanitarian work in their communities. In this way, not only is the crucial component of community participation invoked but capacity to deliver services is increased dramatically. The IKF first identifies the sources that exist in the community (primarily business, functional and social groups) whilst simultaneously encouraging members of such groups to reach out to us and offer assistance.

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