Village Development takes off in Dera Ghazi Khan

11 Apr, 2012

On the east bank of the Indus River, some 30 plus kilometres from the city of Dera Ghazi Khan there is a cluster of Bastis, about 10 in total, where some of the neediest and most ignored farmers reside.  These farmers, from the Kishani, Pitafi and Sikhani clans had borne the brunt of the 2010 flood.  At that time, IKF Relief Trucks had provided  essential relief items to those farmers and their families.

More recently, the IKF has returned to the area, this time to offer a new hope of a brighter future to the residents of those Bastis.  Over 300 flood proof homes have been approved for construction.  Work is underway with the first 100 homes having reached the DPC Level.  A total of up to 350 homes have been sanctioned by the IKF Board with an anticipated completion date of June 30th 2012.

Once construction work is completed the IKF will begin socially mobilizing the population to prepare for interventions in the areas of education, agriculture and health care.  In keeping with the IKF philosophy of transforming lives, our real work begins after construction.  Stay tuned for further updates as the IKF has now expanded its Village Development Program to Sindh as well.

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