IKF Board Reaffirms Commitment to IDPS in 2015

23 Jan, 2015

As the military operation in North Waziristan got underway middle of last year, IDPs began pouring into Bannu and Dera Ismail Khan.  As many as a million have crossed the border from FATA into KPK.

In the middle of June last year, following consultations with Imran Khan, the IKF’s support program was initiated.  IKF Board Members passed an emergency budget of Rs.100 million to provide assistance to nearly half a million Internally Displace People (IDPs) that ended up in Bannu.  By July 2014, the IKF had launched a three tiered program to tackle basic issues of health care and shelter.

Since July 2014, the IKF has distributed 3702 Temporary Shelters to IDPs living in 9 different camps in and around Bannu.  The number of IDPs impacted by this distribution is close to 30,000. An additional 2300 tents are in the process of being deployed.  In addition to the shelters, IKF has also on regular basis provided ‘Winter Relief Packages’, including clothes, blankets.

More importantly though, the IKF determined that perhaps the most important problem for IDPs and locals was in the health care sector.  The District’s health care infrastructure was already overburdened prior to the arrival of IDPs. Therefore, the IKF launched a three part health care initiative, whereby support in the form of doctors, emergency medical technicians, nurses etc. was provided to the Health Department in Bannu.  The IKF took over a Children’s Ward at the Women and Children’s Teaching Hospital in Bannu, a Rural Health Center at Ghoriwala (a suburb of Bannu) and set up 2 Mobile Health Units to provide basic health care treatment to those IDPs, particularly women and children, who were prevented (for cultural reasons) from traveling to medical facilities.  To date, the IKF’s health care initiatives have resulted in the treatment of over 55,000 patients, half of whom were IDPs.

In addition to this, the IKF has sanctioned the construction of 36 Community Water Points across the district, to curb the acute shortage of clean drinking water in the region.  Of these, 6 have been constructed and are in use, the remainder are at the drilling stage.

The IDPs are arguably the most adversely affected victims of the War on Terror in Pakistan.  The attack on the School in Peshawar, has created a feeling among the IDPs that their prospects of returning home have been put on hold.

In light of these events, to facilitate the IDPs and to honor the memory of the children killed in Peshawar School Attack; IKF has setup 11 temporary primary schools in the IDP camps. These schools offer a semblance of normalcy to over 1500 children settled in the camps that the IKF looks after.

The IKF’s initiatives have to date impacted the lives of over 84,500 people. (17% of the IDP population) More aid, in the form of donations in kind, is being provided on a regular basis at the IDP camps in Bannu.

The Board, headed by Chairman Imran Khan has made an open ended commitment to provide for the IDPs, who have left their own homes, to save ours.  Your continued support in this endeavor is appreciated.

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