IKF Allocates Rs. 20 Million for IDPs Health Care

22 Jul, 2014

It has now been almost a month since the IKF Field Team deployed to Bannu.  During this time, the IKF has determined, in collaboration with the Pakistan Army, the Federal and Provincial governments that the most pressing need of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) is in the area of health care.  To this end, the IKF Board has made an initial allocation of Rs. 20 Million to ensure the provision of free basic and preventative health care for IDPs, with further funding available should it be required.

In keeping with this joint assessment, the IKF has adopted a two pronged approach.

1.  To provide its own emergency health care service for IDPs.

2.  To assist in the upgrading of the existing health care infrastructure of Bannu.

So far, the IKF has done the following to meet these objectives.

Two Mobile Health Units (MHUs), staffed with professional doctors, pharmacists and paramedics have been deployed to Bannu to provide emergency health care treatment to the IDPs.  They have been in the field since July 6th and have so far treated over 6000 outpatients for all kinds of ailments ranging from coughs and colds to more serious sicknesses like malaria.  These MHUs have been particularly effective in delivering basic and preventative health care to the IDPs, who are spread out all over the District and often unable to reach the major relief distribution points.  Following the Eid Break a third MHU is to be deployed so that the neighboring Districts of Tank and Dera Ismail Khan may also be targeted.  This program is costing the IKF an estimated Rs. 3 Million per month and will continue for at least another 2 months or until the health care emergency subsides.



Insofar as the upgrading of the Health Care Infrastructure goes, the IKF has taken upon itself the responsibility of refurbishing (with medicines and required equipment) the Children’s Ward at the Women & Children’s Teaching Hospital in the town of Bannu.  Just 10 km away in Bannu District, the IKF has taken complete control of the Rural Health Center at Ghori Wala.  This facility has the capacity to treat between 500-1000 patients but due to a lack of resources available has only been catering to about 50 patients a day.  The IKF has taken the responsibility of refurbishing this facility, of supplying all its medicine and of staffing it with doctors who will be visiting the area on a rotational basis from all across Pakistan.  It is hoped that by the time we have completed our work, this facility will be operating at maximum capacity of 1000 patients per day.

Much of the work has been done, all of the rest is underway.  In fact, our first team of 4 volunteer doctors from the Mayo Hospital in Lahore, will be in Bannu later today to begin their work in earnest tomorrow.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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