Volunteers are social capital.  Social Capital, is the greatest capital in a society.  When people are eager to volunteer, it stems from the need to help.  The need to help is a much greater positive force in the society than the need to be helped.  Helping others creates an invisible pull.  Most humans, although individualistic still look at others for inspiration.  Volunteers provide that level of inspiration for such activities.  They provide vital social capitalistic fuel to spur others to follow the beaten path of humanitarianism.

In the context of Pakistan the aforementioned could not be truer.  We at the Imran Khan Foundation take advantage of this fact by actively working with volunteers, especially during emergency situations where relief distributions are required.  Our volunteers assist with everything from fundraising to packing and distributing relief and providing admin assistance both in the field, our offices and warehouses.  In this way, not only do the volunteers get to help those most in need of it, more of the funds get to those desperately in need than at most other organizations, especially the iNGOs.

More specifically, in the rural areas where the IKF is conducting its relief and rehabilitation programs, Young Village Volunteers (YVV) in accordance with the wishes of Community Elders’ Networks’ (CEN) play a pivotal role in providing service delivery.  Assessments for not just relief but also for the provision of seed and identification of hand pump locations are just a few of the tasks they perform.  Following the safe drinking water workshops that the IKF is conducting in Lower Sindh, it is anticipated that these YVVs’ will be qualified to conduct some basic preventative measures in the area of safe drinking water.

Should you or anyone you know be interested in joining us as a volunteer please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.  Your information will go in a database and if/when your assistance is required the IKF will feel proud to contact you for assistance.

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