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Shaping Those Who Shape the Future

Higher education has the most profound impact on individual success. It is a gift that turns students into professionals, and youngsters into income earning citizens. At Namal College, higher education is literally a gift as 90% of the undergraduates of Namal are provided financial assistance.

Mr. Imran Khan (Ex-Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team) established Namal College in the year 2008, in the district of Mianwali, when he was awarded the Chancellorship of the University of Bradford (UoB) in UK. Since then Mr. Imran dreams of developing the area into a knowledge city similar to Oxford University (his alma mater). Now, the vision behind Namal College is to trigger innovation for the benefit of the society, by establishing high quality education facilities of international standard with the help of local and international partners. The founding members of highly reputed institutions such as Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) in Pakistan have come together to take on this ambitious challenge of setting the largest knowledge city of Pakistan.

The sponsoring body, Namal Education Foundation (NEF) currently owns 1,000 acres of land in Mianwali where new blocks and facilities will be established in the coming years.

Namal College is an associate college of University of Bradford, UK (UoB), where UoB is providing complete academic leadership for this institution. Students from over 56 different cities of Pakistan are benefitting from this unique opportunity in District of Mianwali. There are currently 300 students enrolled in four batches, studying for a University of Bradford degree. These students are being provided education at ten times lower cost (Rs. 1.2 million for complete program) compared to what they would have paid (Rs. 10 million for complete program), had they decided to study at Bradford in the UK. Furthermore 90% of the students studying with us are provided full or partial scholarships.

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